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Why Should You Hire US?


Amazing Painting LLC  is a construction Interior and Exterior Painting Company, founded in Olathe, Kansas.


Our Reputation is everything! We’re so confident in every project we complete that we will provide you with a list of recommendations from previous customers, so you can call and find out from them if they were happy with our painting services. We are proud of the job we do and know you’ll be proud too!

If we can ever be of service to you please contact us. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a free no obligation estimate on all your painting needs. We would also be happy to provide you with plenty of references.


  •  When it comes to exterior painting, Amazing Painting  is your #1 choice. A fresh coat of paint on a  property’s exterior can work magic and significantly  boost its curb appeal. Investing a  little time and money on a paint job pays dividends. First, the periodic exterior painting of a residence  prevents a degradation of its external siding and aesthetic features, as well as its structural components. Secondly, painting can accentuate and highlight a property’s architectural aspects and improve a home’s appearance. Exterior painting also serves the purpose of substantially contributing to a home’s real estate appreciation. We are experts in all types of exterior painting. Our preparation and painting process ensures that your house will remain looking beautiful long after the project is complete.
    • Drop cloths are used throughout the job to protect the landscape from debris and to collect all paint chips
    • Protect roof and non-painted areas from paint drops and paint chips
    • Preparation of the surface – This is a critical element of any painting project. Surface preparation consists of :
    • 1) inspecting the property in detail,
    • 2) identifying signs of chalking, peeling, or blistering on the paint, as well as noting any water damage, and
    • 3) proceeding with repairs
    • Washing – Eliminates algae, mildew, dirt, mold, and chalking that accumulates over the years and restores a clean surface for the paint to adhere to the home.
    • Scraping – The next step, which is typically completed in a period ranging from a few hours to a couple of days, involves scraping loose paint and/or stain that is peeling off the surface.
    • Sanding – Amazing Painting then prepares for the siding’s priming by smoothing out the paint’s borders. Scraped areas can be hand sanded, and/or power sanded upon request when contracted.
    • Light carpentry such as, clapboard, fascia, and sill replacement can be performed when contracted.
    • Chemical stripping of wood as needed to remove excess paint buildup, or failing paint (we are also experienced in dealing with lead paint)
    • Priming – Prior to applying the top coat, Amazing Painting sprays, rolls or brushes a high-end primer to the wood, metal, steel, aluminum or other surface. Priming ensures that the paint will adhere to the areas in need of being re-touched. Priming is done to all bare wood areas to increase adhesion
    • Special priming is also done to certain problematic areas with cedar bleed or rust.
    • Caulking is then applied to potential areas of water leaks, around windows, between joints, among other places. Amazing Painting also proceed to mask any nooks and crannies that they wish to protect from paint. All joints receive siliconized caulking to prevent moisture from penetrating behind wood.
    • Paint is applied with brush and/or roller or sprayed and then back-brushed after all prep work is completed; we use sprayers on shutters, lattice.
Amazing Painting specializes in creating a new fresh look for the interior of your home. Our customers love our approach to interior painting. We walk you through the process from beginning to end. We keep up to date on new painting trends and the most popular colors in the industry. It is our commitment as your painting company to use the highest quality of paint products. It is this commitment to take care of our customers painting needs that separates us from the other painting companies in the area. Contact us today for a free painting estimate for interior painting or exterior house painting  services!
Interior Painting Process
Before any work begins, Amazing Painting LLC takes all necessary measures to protect your belongings, while providing you with the highest quality service. Interior painting process includes:
– Move furniture aside and cover with plastic to protect from dust and paint
– Protect floors with drop cloths
– Clean up and leave the house neat and orderly before departing each night
– Fill nail holes
– Caulk gaps where trim molding meets walls
– Sand and dust all surfaces to ensure a superior finish
– Primer applied to bare wood and other surfaces as needed
– Stain-blocking primers used on water and smoke stains
– All surfaces are painted using rollers and brushes for maximum quality.
More often than not when we’re estimating projects, we find some wood rot that needs repaired.  When Amazing Painting was brand new, we looked at estimates from other companies and noticed it was impossible to tell what was included, how it was priced, if labor and materials were included, etc…  We decided we’d price our wood rot differently than everyone else.  We want to be as clear and transparent with you on the wood rot repair on your home as possible, so we itemize the wood rot repair on each estimate.  Our wood rot repair estimate includes:
  1. All labor and materials required.  The price you see on the estimate is what it costs
  2. Itemized list of what’s being replaced, quantity, unit price, and location
  3. We separate the wood rot repair price from the painting price so it’s clear what the wood rot costs on it’s own.  This way you can compare it to others or if you have a handyman or carpenter show it to him and get an estimate for the exact same items.


What People Are Saying About Us?

Amazing Painting had been painting my house for some years and they always take care of me, great quality of work, great service and fast. I definitely recommend them for any painting project.


Abigail Thomson
Very professional and courteous experience beginning with Christian on the telephone. I was impressed by Christian’s professionalism and knowledge, excellent work and service.
Zach W
Love the customer service, they always answer fast and with a lot of Professionalism, i really recommend them for any future painting project.


Where we work?

Kansas city Metropolitan Area.